We’re here to help

When there is a person struggling with an addiction, mental illness or trauma-related condition in a family, every member is impacted in some way. Often by the time you have decided to seek information on the web, and have found this page, you will have been suffering for a long time. Does this sound familiar?

The Problems:

There may be a number of problems that you may be dealing with, some of which may include:

  • Increasing conflict, tension, resentment and stress in the family
  • Communication difficulties
  • Unpredictable behaviours
  • Life has begun to revolve around the problem
  • You feel ashamed of the problems and make efforts to hide them from others
  • Negative consequences have started mounting such as debts, legal issues, bills unpaid, health problems, and accidents
  • Children are being impacted in many ways, and this may be being reflected in their behaviour

How can you help?

It is important to understand that the only person that each of us can change is our self. We cannot make someone stop drinking, or accept treatment for depression.

All we can do is to work on our own wellbeing, while we encourage and support them to consider the benefits of change, until such time as they choose to take that step into treatment for themselves.

There are many ways that you can actively support and speed up this process:


The Family Education and Support Group

The SPP Family Education and Support Group is a new initiative developed to meet the needs of people who want to know more about addictions and issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma-related conditions. At South Pacific Private we believe that the more informed you are the easier it is to make decisions that are likely to support your friend, family member, or even yourself, in dealing with these issues effectively.

By the time people find their way to us at SPP they are usually sick and tired of the cycle of despair that accompanies untreated addictions and depression.

The Family Education and Support Group meets for 2 hours on a Wednesday night and is facilitated by a Senior SPP therapist well experienced in supporting people to explore both the current problems and challenges you are likely to be experiencing, and also the underlying issues such as low self esteem which may have fuelled the development of the addiction or depression.

The program runs for four weeks and is ongoing. 

Come along to the Family Education and Support Group to:

  • Learn how to effectively help someone you care about who is struggling with addictions or mood disorders
  • Find opportunity for support and discussion with other people struggling with the same problems
  • Learn more about addictions and the underlying issues, co-dependency, and how family systems work.
  • Learn more about the SPP approach to treatment for addictions and mood disorders

Register for family education and support group here