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Although every addiction is unique, at South Pacific Private we treat not only the addiction itself, but underlying issues such anxiety, depression, trauma and dysfunctional relationship dynamics. Addiction can be substance (drug or alcohol) or behaviour-related (gambling, sex, work or gaming) and cause intense physical, emotional and psychological pain for individuals and their families.

Those of us struggling with addiction may experience growing dependence, powerful cravings, withdrawal symptoms, a compulsion to keep using, increasing tolerance and escalations in frequency, substances, dosages or behaviour. As an addiction continues, it often becomes complicated by relationship issues, financial pressures, mental and physical deterioration, emotional distress and legal concerns.

If you’re concerned about a loved one – or struggling with an addiction yourself – you can gain better understanding from our blog posts below.

The realities of relapse

 Recovering from an addiction – whether it be from drugs, alcohol or a behavioural process – quite often involves at least one incidence of relapse. In the early days of […]

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Do I need a digital detox?

 Are you playing endless games on your computer or wasting hours scrolling on social media? Then you might be in need of a digital detox. ‘Detoxing’ from our digital devices – […]

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Can excessive gaming lead to problem gambling?

 As parents everywhere endure a love/hate relationship with screen time, researchers have identified links between excessive gaming and problematic gambling.  During the lockdown and home schooling days of 2020 and 2021, […]

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