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As Australia’s leading treatment centre, we specialise in fully-integrated medical, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment of mental health concerns, mood disorders, trauma and addictions.

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Finding Joy And Freedom

Every year, more than one in five Australians will experience periods of mental illness, yet too many of us choose to battle symptoms alone rather than seeking professional help.

Depression, anxiety, relational issues and responses to trauma are among the most common, and they can have a significant impact on our relationships, careers, emotional wellbeing and sense of purpose.

At South Pacific we take a holistic approach, working to heal trauma, break cycles of addiction, repair critical relationships and to equip clients with the tools and strategies they need for effective, long-term recovery. We also specialise in dual diagnosis, where a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder like depression or anxiety and they are also suffering with drug or alcohol addiction.

With almost 30 years' experience treating clients for depression, anxiety, relational issues and the effects of trauma, our program has proven results. We know that rediscovering joy and freedom is possible.

If you’re concerned about a loved-one, or struggling with mental health issues yourself, you can learn more about various conditions below, or call us on 1800 063 332 or contact us here.


Conditions we treat Conditions We Treat

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Anxiety refers to a complex and often overwhelming combination of negative emotions which can include dread, worry, panic, nervousness and fear.

The goal of our self-tests is not to provide you with a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you care about. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to better understand how a behaviour might be impacting upon your life or the life of your family. Use these tests to enhance your awareness of what the problem might be.

These tests should be answered honestly in order to provide accurate insight and are a chance for you to reflect upon the current situation.

Why Choose South Pacific Private?

Why Choose South Pacific Private?

We Heal Families

With decades of experience, South Pacific Private is Australia’s leading treatment centre for addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. Our uniquely comprehensive programs change lives, repair relationships and heal families by identifying and addressing the underlying causes laying the groundwork for sustained, long-term recovery.

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Stories of Recovery

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