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Category: Drug & Substance Abuse

Substance abuse involves consuming too much alcohol, tobacco or using drugs. The misuse or abuse of drugs and other substances can have negative and lasting effects on the individual and their family.

Whether you or a loved one are abusing drugs or another substance, feelings of loneliness, fear, shame and anger can at times feel inescapable. At South Pacific Private, we offer professional help and support for those struggling with drug and substance abuse.

Learn about the tools and strategies we use to help clients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery through the blogs below.

The realities of relapse

 Recovering from an addiction – whether it be from drugs, alcohol or a behavioural process – quite often involves at least one incidence of relapse. In the early days of […]

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Do I need a digital detox?

 Are you playing endless games on your computer or wasting hours scrolling on social media? Then you might be in need of a digital detox. ‘Detoxing’ from our digital devices – […]

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