Healthcare Professional Training Event

Join South Pacific Private psychologists John Falcon and Jane O’Keefe for a 2 hour workshop on mental health treatment modalities for the LGBTQIA+ community

South Pacific Private is proudly Rainbow Tick Accredited. It is our goal to increase the awareness of treatment approaches specific to LGBTQIA+ clients. The intention of the workshop is to provide clinicians with information relating to the Neuroscientific informed Psychotherapy approach to treating LGBTQIA+ clients. You will identify key networks in the brain responsible for sexual preference and the developmental outcomes for LGBTQIA+ clients.

As part of the process, we will explore our own biases and facilitate a discussion of experiences working with LGBTQIA+, what works best, what is not as effective. You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of  your personal experiences and models of Psychotherapy in the treatment of LGBTQIA+ clients.

You will gain competence in the  analyse of best practice and the application of modalities for conditions with sexual diverse clients and what they present in Psychotherapy.

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed an understanding of the impact of psychological conditions as a result of sexual diverse people’s experiences and apply treatment strategies

Presented by: 

Lynne Fishwick, CEO South Pacific Private
John Falcon, Psychologist, South Pacific Private
Jane O’Keefe, Psychologist, South Pacific Private

Date:                    Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Time:                    6:00pm – 8:00pm

Cost:                     FREE

Format:                Zoom

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