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Category: Recovery and the 12 Steps

An integral part of our approach to addiction is the utilisation of 12 step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and more. Research continues to support best outcomes for those who attend 12 Step fellowships.

Read our blog below to learn more about recovery from addiction and the role of meetings, sponsors and the 12 step program.

The realities of relapse

 Recovering from an addiction – whether it be from drugs, alcohol or a behavioural process – quite often involves at least one incidence of relapse. In the early days of […]

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Do I need a digital detox?

 Are you playing endless games on your computer or wasting hours scrolling on social media? Then you might be in need of a digital detox. ‘Detoxing’ from our digital devices – […]

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