Why 90 days is the key to recovery from addiction

January 11, 2023

30 years ago South Pacific Private founders, Bill and Lorraine Wood pioneered the treatment of addiction, anxiety and depression in Australia. Our focus on treating trauma as the root cause of mental health concerns was a method that went against the grain of the era. Yet it was this trailblazing approach that cemented our reputation as Australia’s leading treatment centre for addiction, anxiety and depression, a name we still uphold to this day.

2023 marks thirty years of treating trauma for South Pacific Private, and our pioneering roots are still going strong.

In 2022 we identified gaps within traditional treatment methodologies that accounted for higher relapse rates among those in early recovery from addiction. Addiction is a complex disease, and we know that relapse rates are significantly lowered with comprehensive follow-up treatment. Evidence shows that 3 months, or 90 days is the minimum treatment duration for clients to achieve gains from treatment in a community setting. We also know that the involvement of the family is also integral in bringing healing to the family system and in reducing the risk of relapse..

In 2023, South Pacific Private’s Recovery Pathway provides the comprehensive treatment required through a 90 day 3 phased approach to recovery, encompassing the Intensive Support of Inpatient Primary Program, the integration phase of our Transitions and Family Program, followed by the opportunity for client to solidify recovery through Relapse Prevention Programs. All this is underpinned by the support of a designated Case Manager to help manage, track and maintain a client’s recovery effort.

Our 90 Day Recovery Pathway ensures that each client receives:

  • Consistent follow-up
  • Case management post-inpatient treatment
  • Direct engagement with carers and families
  • Support at critical relapse entry-points
  • Ongoing psychiatric review

Phase 1: Intensive Support

The first phase of treatment is a 3 week inpatient stay at South Pacific Private. Clients will detox (if required) in a safe and supported environment before transitioning to their Primary therapy group. Over three weeks they will work with a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, GP’s, psychotherapists and mental health nurses to address their developmental trauma, laying the foundation for their recovery. Before the client is discharged to become a day patient, they will work closely with our Continuing Care team to create an individualised after-care plan.

Phase 2: Integration

The second phase of treatment brings the client out of intensive support so they may begin to integrate their learnings into their daily lives. During this time clients can return home, or stay in our neighbouring assisted living facility, Beachwood to complete an additional two weeks of treatment with our Transitions Program. Clients begin to gradually re-integrate into their lives and increase their responsibilities with therapeutic support during this critical stage where relapse potential is high.

Phase 2 also sees clients complete Family Program. This unique program offers clients and their families a deeper understanding of addiction and mental illness and the impact it has had on them as a family system, increasing compassion and providing respite. Family members are then able to communicate with and support their loved one after treatment, giving the client the best possible chance at long term recovery.

Phase 3: Solidify

The final phase of treatment is where clients, now armed with a range of recovery strategies, their case manager and a supportive recovery community continue to solidify their learnings in their home environments. As clients return to the daily responsibilities of their lives, they continue to be supported in weekly Relapse Prevention programs. Designed to fit into a clients busy schedule, these programs further help to lower the chance of relapse as they are supported to cope with their everyday lives in sobriety, facilitated by experienced therapists among a community of like-minded individuals who are also in recovery.

Beyond 90 days

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong commitment, so South Pacific Private continues to support our clients beyond their first 90 days of treatment. With the stability gained from 90 days of recovery, clients have the opportunity to participate in our suite of Trauma Workshops – Changes I, II and III, experiential trauma informed programs that examine, via Pia Mellody’s Model of Developmental Immaturity, how unresolved developmental trauma has an impact on current mental health and relational concerns.

Beyond the 90 days clients are also encouraged to connect with their own recovery community by attending 12 step meetings and joining our close-knit Alumni who are supported with regular events held by our therapeutic team, educational blogs and daily recovery content on social media.

A complete approach to reducing relapse rates

South Pacific Private is proud to be continuing the work we began back in 1993 for a new age. We’re forging new paths towards providing the best possible treatment for Australians who are struggling with addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression. If you, or someone you know is struggling, reach out to our team on 1800 063 332 or take a free, online self assessment.

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