Books to Read Get You Through Lockdown

October 7, 2021

Here Are Some Book Recommendations From Our Therapy Team

With lock down dragging on we asked some of our team to share books that they have read that have supported them through these challenging times.

Growing Yourself Back Up By John Lee

Recommended by Alyssa, Program Director

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? Why you rage, throw a tantrum, scream, stone wall, pout etc? Have you ever been told you’re acting like a child? Have you ever found yourself acting like a child, yet in your grown up body? I found this book provided some great lockdown reflection. I also appreciated the author’s insights into why we do what we do and the strategies for how to ‘grow yourself back up’!

Mother Hunger By Kelly McDaniel

Recommended by Amy, Day Program Therapist and Evening Weekend Counsellor

I loved this book, which is about healing from early attachment injuries. It builds on the concept of ‘Mother Hunger’ introduced in Kelly’s first book, Ready to Heal, which is one of the best books I have read on women’s love addiction. I’d recommend it as a pandemic read, as lockdown is the perfect time to go inward and continue working on one of the root causes of love addiction.

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Before I Let You Go By Kelly Rimmer

Recommended by Barbara, Beachwood Support Worker

This is a novel about the relationship between a woman and her drug-addicted and now pregnant sister. I liked the way it described what is going on in this relationship, as I could relate it so much to the work we do, and at the same time the book offers a new level of insight. I’d recommend it at any time, although as it’s an absolute page turner, it’s also great for rainy days – or lockdown!

Playful Parenting By Lawrence J. Cohen 

Recommended by Fleur, Director

Don’t let the title of this book fool you, it’s not just a bunch of silly games to play with kids. It goes deep. It explains how children’s emotions work and why they have tantrums and meltdowns. This book really helped me with my ten, nine and one year old, and provided tips to navigate sibling rivalry and power struggles. While struggling with home-schooling during lockdown, this book was an amazing resource, as it teaches how to build connection, and how connection is the key to cooperation.

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