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South Pacific Private is a fully accredited psychiatric hospital providing comprehensive, holistic, ongoing treatment programs for individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.

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South Pacific Private provides comprehensive, holistic, health-fund supported treatment options for individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. Wherever an individual is on their recovery journey, our programs offer support through our four treatment pathways:

The Intensive Inpatient Pathway includes a fully supervised medical detox if required, followed by an immersive, holistic program which includes group psychotherapy, one-on-one therapy, educational lectures and community activity. Our trauma-informed therapy program utilises the renowned work of Pia Mellody and the Meadows Rehab facility in Arizona. South Pacific Private is one of the few facilities in the world that has been gifted this model, which we have utilised to successfully treat Australians and their families for nearly three decades. 

The Inpatient Program includes twice-daily intensive group psychotherapy with a team of fully registered therapists, psycho-educational lectures, practical skills workshops, evening group therapy, peer support groups, 12-step meetings, yoga, mindfullness sessions and beach walks. All of this is delivered through a therapeutic community modality which encourages interpersonal learning and development.

Our Day Program Pathway is designed for anyone who has completed an inpatient stay and requires ongoing support to reduce the risk of relapse. This pathway is also well-suited for clients who are in recovery and require further support to fortify and maintain their recovery.

South Pacific Private also offers an array of online programs and workshops for individuals who are unable to attend in person. Please note that due to the online nature of these programs, some may require an out-of-pocket cost.

Finally, our Continuing Education and Workshop pathway offers bespoke programs, unique to South Pacific Private, for individuals and families wanting to extend their understanding, strengthen their skills, resolve ongoing issues and further develop improved behaviours and choices.

Wheterver you client is on their recovery journey, South Pacific Private has designed a range of treatment options to meet them where they are and take them forward. For further information, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 063 332.

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Why Choose South Pacific Private?

Why Choose South Pacific Private?

We Heal Families

With decades of experience, South Pacific Private is Australia’s leading treatment centre for addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. Our uniquely comprehensive programs change lives, repair relationships and heal families by identifying and addressing the underlying causes laying the groundwork for sustained, long-term recovery.

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