Parents and Children’s Program

The Parents and Children’s Program is a prevention and intervention program for children from age 6-13 years who have been impacted by addiction or untreated mental illness within their family system.

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About The Program

At South Pacific Private we believe in treating the family system, not just the individual presenting for treatment. Trauma, addiction and mental health conditions can significantly affect every member of the family unit, risking intergenerational trauma, relational dysfunction or issues which may present further down the line. Addiction in particular tends to run in families.

The Parents and Children’s Program can help families to reconnect and begin their journey from addiction towards health, happiness and awareness – helping to break the cycle and repair the impact of addiction and mental illness.

The Parents and Children’s Program will assist children in the recovery process in an age-appropriate, systematic and comprehensive manner. Through understanding the disease of addiction and mental health conditions in an age-appropriate way, children come to see that they are not at fault and are not alone. The program helps children to identify and express their feelings and to talk openly about what living with these family problems has been like. As they break their silence, children learn new skills to express their feelings in healthy and safe ways.

Simultaneously, parental figures will engage in a Parents Program, where we will educate them on how to become more aware and how to provide the attention, time and space that will support children in sharing their feelings and expressing themselves from a young age. When children are suppressing and repressing their feelings as a normalised pattern of behaviour, they are at higher risk of going on to develop addictions and mental health issues in the future.

2 Day Workshop
In Person
Children 6 to 13 and Parental Figures
Self Payment and Scholarships Available

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Program Content

The program, through a number of carefully designed games and activities, will support children with undeveloped social and verbal skills to express themselves, to learn self-care concepts and to work together as a team. The goal is to sow the seeds of health and wellness and empower the children. Children have the opportunity to:

  • Explore and express feelings in a safe and supportive environment
  • Understand addiction and co-dependency in an age-appropriate way
  • Learn a variety of problem solving, coping and self-care strategies
  • Build self-esteem, self-worth, and positive feelings about themselves
  • Trust themselves and others
  • Realise they are not alone
  • Simply be kids by learning to have fun in safe and healthy ways
  • Learn that it’s not your fault, you’re not alone and it’s okay to ask for help

Above all else, the program allows children to be kids, to laugh, play, be curious and explore.

Who Is It For?

Parental figure(s) must be in active recovery and sober / clean and continue to abstain from all substances and behaviours throughout the program. One or two parents / carers may participate in this program.


This is a self-funded program and costs $250 per person.

Scholarships are available.

For more information please contact our intake team here.

Program Delivery

The Parents and Children’s Program is available throughout the year:

  • This program runs over two days (Saturday and Sunday)

Contact our intake team here for a full list of days and times available.

How To Get Started

Clients completing their inpatient treatment at South Pacific Private will be referred into the Parents and Children’s Program.

For ex-clients who have completed the inpatient program at South Pacific Private within three months, an assessment and psychiatric review, if required, will be arranged prior to the commencement of the program.

For new clients, please contact our Intake Team here for a full list of days and times available.

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