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Our Family Program is offered onsite and online. It is an intensive and interactive program designed specifically to bring together and treat both the individuals who have struggled with addiction and mental health and who are now in recovery and their families, partners and loved ones.

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About The Program

At South Pacific Private we believe in treating clients within the context of their family system. Some families are biologically related (family of origin) and some are not (partner or family of creation), but generally speaking families share, or once shared, strong emotional bonds.

The Family Program is the cornerstone of treatment at South Pacific Private, where profound and lasting healing takes place. It was the positive experience of the Family Program at The Meadows Treatment Centre in Arizona that inspired the founders of South Pacific Private (the Wood family) to open South Pacific Private in 1993.

Trauma, addiction and mental health conditions can significantly affect families and their ability to foster connection and enjoy healthy relationships with each other. Our relationship to our family system is complex, and in order to heal, it’s important to unravel the elements that do not serve us, without laying blame or causing further damage.

The program offers a deeper understanding of addiction and mental illness and the impact on families, increased compassion and respite – and helps family members communicate with and support their loved one after treatment, which gives the client the best possible chance at long term recovery.

Interactive Workshop
Onsite or Online
Clients and Family/Loved Ones
Major Health Funds (Clients) and Self Paying (Family Members)

At South Pacific Private We Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way

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Program Content

  • Gaining an understanding of family systems/family roles
  • The nature of abuse and trauma
  • Parenting styles and family roles
  • Impact of blaming and enabling
  • Learning how to implement boundaries and hear a boundary from a loved one in a healthy way
  • Learning and practicing communication techniques
  • Group learning about family relational dynamics
  • Conflict resolution skills

Who Is It For?

The program is open to clients and loved ones of those who have completed the Inpatient Intensive Program and is available as a workshop for families and partners*.

*A pre-requisite for attending our Online Family Program is completing our Online Family Education Day. For more information click here. 


Most major health funds will cover the Family Program on behalf of the client. The 4-day in person program is $750, while the 3-day online program is $550. Private Family Program fee by arrangement, depending on number of participants.

*Please note, there will be a change to the cost of this program from 1 December 2022.

Program Delivery

The Family Program is available:

  • Onsite 4-day program Fri-Mon (8:45am to 4:00pm)
  • Onsite 2-day private program in person (8:45am to 4:00pm, by multi-disciplinary-support team recommendation)

Online Family Program:

  • Online 3-day program Sat-Mon (8:45am to 4:00pm) for family members
  • A pre-requisite for participation in the Online Family Program is participation by family members in the 1-day Online Family Education Day

Please contact our Intake Team here and they can arrange a health fund check and answer any other questions.

How To Get Started

Clients completing their inpatient treatment at South Pacific Private may be referred into the Family Program during their inpatient treatment by their primary therapists and treating psychiatrist.

For ex-clients who have completed the inpatient program at South Pacific Private within three months, an assessment and psychiatric review, if required, will be arranged prior to the commencement of the program.

Family members will be invited to the Family Program by our Family Coordinator if/when a recommendation has been made by your loved one’s treatment team and if/when your loved one has agreed they would like to participate with you.

Book Now

If you have already received a Family Program invite, please email [email protected] and our Family Coordinator will assist you with next steps. If you have not yet received a Family Program invite, our Intake Team is available to answer your questions.

Our intake team is available to answer your questions.
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